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Never take yourself too seriously

When you collapse onto the bumper of a big red truck in a supermarket parking lot and scare the living crap out of the couple who are loading groceries into the trunk of their car, you learn the meaning of humility. 

It's two days before Christmas and you have stopped to buy a bottle of Pinot Noir for the friend who has graciously agreed to let you spend the night because the only toilet in the house you rent is clogged.  Your landlord is 89 years old and his wife is in a nursing home after suffering a massive stroke.

You cling to the arm of the nice man whose wife carries your purse back to your car and you carry on, hopeful your friend will understand that you're good for the bottle of wine.

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Been There

Oh, I have collapsed and recollapsed here and there over the years for one reason and then the next.  Best you can hope for: everyone always knows you're good for the wine.

Clogged chimneys, clogged toilets; the world's one big clog, eh?

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Good for the whine

I think I've learned to whimper with the best of them.  :)

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Eh . . .

I live in Michigan.  Admittedly, it's lower Michigan, but we appreciate the significance of "eh."

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It's the time you discover

It's the time you discover there world is not totally  deprived of kind people.

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Can't blame Katherine and Michael for this one . . .

I'm convinced I angered the toilet gods by penning the final installment of "the toilet trilogy."

In my own defense, the handyman assured me the previous tenants were responsible for the variety of stuff he retrieved from the sewer line, which included three disposable dish rags.  On his last visit he recovered three paring knives.

I've heard "bad luck comes in threes," but until now, I never considered myself to be superstitious.