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"Mom, I forgot to tell you . . . " - Part One

My cell phone rang  five minutes after I'd left my daughter's school.  It was the assistant principal.

Uh oh.

After a brief conversation, I put down the phone.

"Mom, I forgot to tell you."

"Go on," I said.

"My friend brought a birthday gift to school.  A boy grabbed it from her locker and took it into the boys' bathroom."

The boys' bathroom. 

"And . . ." I prompted.

"I pounded on the door and said, 'Women coming in.'"

"And then what happened?"

"The boys came out and we went in."

"Go on . . . "

"When we tried to leave, the boys held the door shut." 

To be continued  . . .


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..? :–)



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Nobody likes a tease, JW.  Spill it.  Just because your kid's close-mouthed doesn't mean you hafta be.

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Well-said, RL.

Well-said, RL.

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I need a vacation

I need a vacation from this highly paid and responsible position. :-)

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I so richly deserve this

The lunch lady knew I was tired when I paid for a sandwich and wasn't able to choose between salami, turkey or ham.  I said, "Be my mom and put stuff on bread."

Gotta love the lunch ladies.  They fixed me up.  I'll be back in action in awhile.  It's been a tough week.