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Missing Dad

First time readers, kindly read the first entry for October 27, 2012, when this story began: 

                                                                            * * * *

I came back to Dowagiac when Dad got REALLY Alzheimery. 

Automobile insurance company cancelled his policy, Alzheimery.

Everyone was afraid he'd inadvertantly run a red light and kill a family of nice people, Alzheimery.

I'm the only lawyer in the family and the family counted on me to defend the lawsuit, Alzheimery.

                                                                        * * * *

I MISS my dad.  He was funny and smart and full of life.   Even when he got lost a mile from home.  Or forgot the year Mom was born.  

                                                                        * * * *

I have written one poem in my life.  I posted it on Facebook.  When someone commented that it was lovely, I promptly deleted it.

Here's the portion I recall.

"Father's Day"

On this night each year, the skies come alive.

A giant with a crossbow,

a beautiful swan,

and seven distant stars, dad said were sisters, dancing and twirling at the galaxy's edge.



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Nice to have such pleasant father memories. I've written lots of poems in my life, can only think of one that was about my father--certainly none were written for him, he being so, um, unenthused about having a son who writes poetry.  You'd think he'd be more appreciative, being only semiliterate himself.

Everybody else liked him, though.  I've got to give him that. But he was nice to them, so.....


I won't say yours is lovely for fear of deletion.  I'd read it again, enviously.

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Thank you, Ron

My dad, who was an intelligent man, paid me a nickel each day I didn't raise my hand to answer a question in 3rd grade.  "No one will like you if you're too smart," he advised.  By no one, he meant, boys.

By the time I graduated college, my visits home had decreased in frequency.   I hadn't even begun to close in on the coveted Mrs. degree and had tired of hearing phrases like, "You'd have been such a good mother," and "It's a shame you never married."

When I was accepted to law school, no one congratulated me.  They did, however, place a hand somewhere on my arm and comment with glowing eyes, "Think how many cute boys you'll meet there!!!!!"

Dad didn't attend my law school graduation . . . he'd attended my wedding the previous October.  Kids keep inventing new ways to disappoint their parents.

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I'm here...now what?

OK, Jane...I followed you over from Facebook.  Now what?  Scary being out here all alone...not sure who I am or what I'm doing here.  Hold my hand I'm a stranger in never never land.  (aka Max Selby)

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Max, have you posted anything, recently?

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