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  I spent two summers in the Appalachian mountains in the late '70's. The first year, I sold passes to the tourists who drove up the Blue Ridge Parkway to the Skyline Drive, where I greeted them from the tiny ranger station at the southern entrance. The second summer, I tooled around on a...
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I just finished reading, for the fourth time, Anne Lamott's very funny post about her year on Match.com.  I waited a few days for the comments to accumulate, because I was interested in her readers' response. Oops. Here's the link:  http://www.salon.com/2013/03/31/...
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I lost 4 hours and 3 pages of the best writing I've  done in my life yesterday.  I told myself it's all still in there, and will be better in the next iteration, but this morning, I realize the moment has passed.  I've assembled and sorted the documents I need to prepare the...
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I've always jealously guarded my privacy and my daughter's.  Now that she's an adult and is no longer my responsibility, I have no worries, whatsoever.  I dare any parent to disagree that once our children are able to drink, drive, vote and enlist in the military, we are not only...
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NO one has ever used that term in reference to me, much less said it while looking into my eyes.  Until today.                                                    ...
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"I'm learning to accept honest feedback on my writing," she says grinning. "Your best writing is the stuff that's raw and honest." "You don't have to hit us in the face with a nail-studded board.  Soften it a little, sister!" "LOVE, LOVE, LOVE." "Don't keep polishing your 'incorrigibly nice'...
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I've been accused of being "incorrigibly nice."  Being a teacher is either a calling or a personality defect.  Or a little of both.                                            ...
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The crazy train is running out of steam
The crazy train is running out of steam . . .  Leprechauns have been banished.  I can climb the stairs without becoming breathless. "Thelma and Louise" is on television.  Life is good. Just two more days to go.
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Truth serum                                                                          * * * *  Prednisone acts...
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"'Roid Rage" is Real I thought I'd covered all the bases.  I stashed the cutlery in the garage and tuned the television to a leprechaun movie.  I now want to stab leprechauns. A concerned friend, who knows I live near Notre Dame asked how long it takes to get to the Golden Dome.  "...
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I am teaching social studies class at the local middle school.  We read about the first group to traverse the length of the Great Wall of China in National Geographic For Kids. One of the group was a Tibetan monk. Kid raises a hand. "What's a monk?" Not wanting to get into a discussion of...
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Readers:  Unlike my typical humorous stories, this one probably won't make you laugh, but I hope it doesn't make you cry.   My daughters' father remarried on Valentine's Day, in an enormous church, with flowers and rings and guests and gifts and dancing.  A very different ceremony...
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Here are a few snippets of conversation:  Department Head at my first interview as a new law graduate:  "Do you think it's harder for you to be a woman in a man's world?" Me:  "I don't know.  I've never been a man."                ...
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There are some who believe anyone who is "not like them" is "odd."  Others believe our individuality is what makes us who we are. Watch these videos and ask yourself if this question is even worth pondering.   Hint:  You'll be smiling afterwards.  :-) http://www.youtube.com/...
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I had several near death experiences as a young attorney.   A legal memorandum I drafted to the managing partner was returned to me, because it contained, in my assistant's mind, too many revisions.  She wrote across the top of the page, in perfect penmanship, "If you can't do it right...
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