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Just for fun . . .

I googled "haiku."

My search revealed "How to Write a Haiku Poem" on WikiHow.

The following list of "Related WikiHows" appeared at the end.*

  • How to Divide Words Into Syllables
  • How to Write a Concrete Poem
  • How to Write a Love Poem
  • How to Define Love
  • How to Exercise an Open Mind
  • How to do Nothing
  • How to Become Inspired to Write Poetry
  • How to Be a Poet
  • How to Explicate a Poem
  • How to Write Dark Poems
  • How to Love
  • How to Write Funny Poems
  • How to Make a Found Poem

*I've reproduced the list verbatim.

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Required Reading

Arden't we lucky to have access to everything one needs in order to develop their art!

Studying and following such a reading list would ineveitably result in a Nobel Prize for Lit.

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You may be right

My money's riding on the million monkeys, until further notice. :-)

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I once worked for a company

I once worked for a company where you were trained to do absolutely everything – including how to sit at my computer so as to be perfectly balanced and, allegedly, comfortable.  After a week there, I sent around a joke round robin, suggesting a special training day on the most effective and environmentally-friendly method of using the toilet.  I still can't believe they didn't fire me for that. 

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Believe it or not . . .

Someone who worked for my dad once directed a memo to everyone in the office containing that information and it wasn't a joke.