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It's no wonder you never had a boyfriend

"Your dad was the judge."

"No, he wasn't," I countered.

"He was the prosecutor."

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El. Oh. EL!  Yeah, because

El. Oh. EL!  Yeah, because prosecutor is so much less intimidating than the judge....

thanks for the chuckle,

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I had one of those...

Five kids in my family; I have an older brother, a younger sister, and the youngest kids are twins. 

My old man used to introduce us like this (I'll use fake names to protect the innocent):

"This here's my oldest boy, John.  This here's my beautiful daughter, Belinda. These are the twins, Rob and Bill. This one here writes poetry."

Dead last on his list, un-named, and convicted of prurient poetryism.


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My daughter is a writer and her dad is a musician

They're both terribly happy.  Broke, but happy.  :-)