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Desperate hair color

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I actually sent someone an email that read, "If we get past the second date, I'll color my hair any color you choose, as long as it's not purple, green, orange, blue or fuschia."

I keep reminding myself that when my daughter was a teenager and was "jail-bait," she returned from the mall with a t-shirt emblazoned with the words, "Boys Lie," and said - "I knew you'd approve."

I'm driving my friend to the airport at 7 a.m. so she can board a plane to spend a weekend with a guy who hasn't been able to commit for the 6 years they've been dating.   I've already told her to "guard her heart," but in these matters . . . all bets are off. 


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Been There, Done That...

I've already dyed my hair any shade you want (provided you like any one of 50 shades of grey).  Should I email a photo now, or what?

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Just as long as it's not ORANGE

Too breathless to write, so finally catching up on my thank yous.  <3