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Clyde just rang the bell

Readers:  Please read my entries dated January 13, 2013 and February 23, 2013, in that order, before returning, here.


He shoveled the entire drive, including the turn around, the back walk, the back steps, the front walk, the stoop and the sidewalk.  When he came in and I paid him, he opened his arms for a hug.  He pointed to his boots.  They have enormous gaping holes across the insteps.  I could see his socks.

He told me we've had seven feet of snow so far this year and today's was really heavy.  I asked him if he'd had other jobs and he told me he couldn't make it to one of them because the roads were too bad.

I gave him directions to the thrift shop where my friends work and told him to tell them I sent him.  I wish my grandfather's store was still there, so he could buy a new pair of boots on "tweddit."


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Sweet and heartbreaking at

Sweet and heartbreaking at the same time.

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incredibly sad to think

incredibly sad to think people have to exist without proper footwear in this day and age. his feet must have been ice cold. m

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Let's hope his feet are now

Let's hope his feet are now feeling the warmth of your friendship.

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I'm taking him to the store if he shows up in those boots, again

If we don't get any more snow, he can mow the lawn this Spring.  :-)

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Taking care of Clyde has

Taking care of Clyde has fallen to you somehow, Jane.  By an act of graciousness on the part of the Universe.  

He is fortunate to have a kind soul for a neighbor.  And I'll bet he knows it.