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Change Your Behavior, Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life

A radio interviewer asked me the other day how do we begin to stop enduring and start thriving? I found myself a little tongue tied, not because I didn’t have an answer but because I had so many responses. What I wish I would have said is, “Start anywhere.”

What I mean by that is that it doesn’t matter whether we start by changing our thoughts or begin by changing habits of behavior. Either way, we can get out of our prison of endurance. If we have a stubborn mind, we can change how we behave, which will lead to a change in our thinking–a questioning of authority (our own). So today, think of one behavior you do that reinforces a fear, self-judgment, or limiting belief. For example, do you avoid pursuing a creative path because you have self-doubt? Or do you withhold affection because you are afraid of being rejected? Are you lying about something because you are afraid you will lose respect if you’re found out?

Then walk the talk for a day: Behave in a way that says boo back to that fear, that snubs that self-judgment, that questions the authority of that limiting belief. How? Dive into that creative project. Give affection freely. Tell the truth.

Changing our behavior takes courage. It is risky. But how do we expect our life to change if we don’t participate in changing it? How can we imagine feeling extraordinary if we continue to behave ordinary?

To find your courage, think of someone you admire. There–if you spot it, you got it, meaning that you can’t admire something in someone that is not already within you. Nurture that quality. Listen to your spirit. It knows what steps you need to take. Remember, you are your own GURU (Gee You Are You).