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  HER FAMILIARS is Jane Satterfield's third book of poetry. This collection winds its way through civilization, history, and popular culture like a newly imagined animal and becomes a "familiar" to every reader. Kevin Prufer had this to say about it: "Jane Satterfield brings an astonishing range of subjects to HER FAMILIARS, handling them with keen intelligence, musical...
Daughters of Empire.jpg
A thoughtful and emotionally charged memoir of pilgrimage and transformation, Daughters of Empire weighs the powerful individual drama of pregnancy and motherhood against a larger backdrop of culture shock and marital tension.  A dual British-American national on her first return trip to England in over a decade, Jane Satterfield faced a woman’s fundamental decision: to become...
Shepherdess with an Automatic
Shepherdess with an Automatic is intense and perceptive, full of lyrical, descriptively vivid poems that range across cities and centuries. From bleak British moors to the crowded London underground, from steamy American summers in rural settings to the chaos of urban club scenes, these poems capture history's vibrant, unsettling presence in contemporary times.
From the foreword: "Negotiating distances, intimate or otherwise, Satterfield's poems contain all the other trappings of travel: the snapshots, film, postcards, phone messages . . . these ways of keeping the traveling experience long after the experience has passed, these ways of passing the balm of pilgrimage on to others . . . " --Michelle Mitchell-Foust