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Knickerbocker Knees

As heard on the 3 Seventh Avenue Express, Uptown, May 2005:

For have to not die. Got AIDS.  Right now myself die.  Oh!  Cancer.  Throat cancer.  Right now I got nothin’ to eat.  For those who doh know me I’m a very uhhappy.  I got pain in my stomach.   I’m not supposed to be beggin like that.

I beg


 For those who can help me out, Seňora.  I do the beg for also openin your heart.  Put a dollah  Quartah  Fifty cent.  Anything.  Grazie.  Right now I got nothing at all.  For those who can help me out.  Open your heart.  Put a dollah Quartah  Fifty cent.  I’m hungry because I haven’t eaten yesterday. 

I’m bein Elsa,

A daughter.

I got reality.

Have a heart.

 I cannot eat. 

Move on to the next car!   Move on to the next car! 

Three dollah.

 Yeah, yeah. Yeah. 


I’ll take that.

Oh, okay.   Next car.    Next car. 


Fine.  Do me a favor!



I am not OK.

Yeah?   Yeah?   I see you all the time!  All the time!  

See me all the time? 

The 1. The 9. The A. The C.  All down here. 


 All the time!   Same story.  She do the same knee act  When she get to the middle to the car   She get on her knees.  And do the same shit.

It’s a

It’s a fuckin’ show, man!

(Yeah, but he gave her his food.)