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Many years ago I was a member of a dance group which often worked improvisationally.  I found that in order to successfully “work” on a piece, I had to change my orientation.  Instead of closing myself down to everything but my defined task, I discovered I needed an open, free response to intuitions, images, and feelings.  What felt risky proved generative.  While I choose to operate from, say, an intuitive, right-brain frame of reference, I do have a focus: play.  Play is a free and flexible activity which allows for adaptability of the contextual space and act.  Play is seriously absorbing and often intense in engagement.  It is an activity of enjoyment, which is expressed as an appreciation not only of the pleasurable and delightful, but of any intense experience.  42 is a sound poem for music boxes, drawer, doll, tone pipes, human whistle & breathe, shaker, wine glass, train whistle.  http://redroom.com/member/jane-p-perry/media/audio/42