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Short Story
kill author
Taken by agents of the United States of America, Felix Six-Killer grows up at the Carlisle Indian School near Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love. His hair is cut and oiled. His shirts are starched and creased. For months he is startled to find himself seated for breakfast at a long table with too many other boys shorn of hair, stripped of beads, feathers,...
Short Story
Short Story
Concho River Review and also in Fifteen Years of Fiction: Concho River Review (Fort Concho Museum Press)
    Before Daddy died all he could eat was cotton candy. Every day after school for the last week of his life, I'd ride my bike two miles over to the Wal-Mart in Rosburne, buy the pink and purple sugar-coated air and ride two miles home surrounded by hot, sticky plastic bags of spun sugar that drew every fly and mosquito in Johnson County, Texas, all the while...
Short Story
 Rhino 2003
Because she is so little and there is so little to do, Bittie Betina spends some mornings dropping bits of colored thread through the cracks in the floor. One day the Father takes all the Mothers and all the children out to the Great Salt Lake. Bittie Betina tears off her pinafore and runs straight to the water. Mothers shriek. Children cry. The Father drags her...
Short Story
Kitchen Sink
Kitchen Sink: The Magazine for People Who Think Too Much
Until I left with Rory, I shared a tiny one-room trailer with my mother who used to wait tables at the Corners before it turned into a self-serve cafeteria. Even when she was a waitress, she was a whore, so when the diner went self-service, she became a whore full-time. Most of her customers were truck drivers who kept her occupied day and night. When I wasn’t...
Short Story
Brain, Child Spring 2005
Brain, Child: The Magazine for Thinking Mothers
    At first Kerry thinks nothing of Mia's absence as she observes the elderly couple she assumes to be grandparents taking Rose, Mia's daughter, to kindergarten and picking her up.  As the absence grows longer, she imagines Mia and her husband on an extended holiday in an exotic paradise. Maui or Cancun. Kerry envies Mia the husband who provides luxurious...
Short Story
Alaska Quarterly Review
Alaska Quarterly Review, vol. 19, no. 1 & 2, p. 65
The swamp cooler is broken. No hope of a breeze. The weatherman said it that way-no hope. No breeze; no rain; just 100 degrees. We watch Gunsmoke in the dark with Mama. We are too close. Aggravating. Our  breath, hot and moist. We are dirty and sticky and we adore her. She slaps at our bare legs. We scoot to the floor. The tornado warning is posted at the corner...