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"Ganahl is at her best when she embraces the very real and understandable contradictions inherent in being an unmarried, unattached, older woman. 'Who am I kidding? No matter how glorious it is being single — most of the time — I do believe that human beings are genetically programmed to want to pair up. Our quest for bonding makes us do stupid, inappropriate things, alter our standards, backslide on our beliefs.' It takes courage to tell such truths."
-- LA Times

"[Ganahl's] dating escapades are daring and delicious, but also emotionally profound."
-- ELLE magazine

"Her perspective and insights into the romantic lives of unattached older women are fresh."
-- Baltimore Sun

“For those wondering what it’s like to try to find a life partner as the years grind on, Ganahl provides a lively portrait; fellow wanderers should find some solace in knowing that adventure needn’t wait for the perfect travel companion.”
-- Ladies’ Home Journal online (Books We Love)