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Shameless huckstering

It’s come to my attention that a very small number of authors don’t understand the concept of self-promotion. (“But I’m a genius! The world should beat a path to my door, dammit!”) Or, they have so many millions of dollars stuffed under their box springs that they don’t have to do it anymore. I fall into neither category. I am pretty good at self-promotion, though I’ve met authors who leave me in the dust. I use my newsletter, I pitch myself for events and media – I joined RED ROOM for cryin out loud.

And yet, there’s always that disconcerting feeling that you’re selling out when you talk yourself up too much. That there’s a whiff of desperation about you. But – screw that – I’m here today to go on a promotional binge, a commercial campaign. Stick with me to the end and you’ll have a reward! [Insert flashing blue and red lights here, and a dancing 3D babe.]

Most important on the agenda is that the paperback of “Naked on the Page” comes out soon- as in, just a few weeks! It’s cheaper than the hardcover at a mere $15, and features a photo of – look out! – ME on the cover. I asked for this, if indirectly. The cover design they sent me for the paperback had a MODEL on it – holding a laptop and trying to look… writerly? The only problem was, she looked like she was 12 years old! And where I’m not thrilled to be looking 50+ - nor on the cover of my own book – at least it’s more honest than trying to pass off a Kate Moss look-alike as me.

Anyway, buy one for you and your best friend! She’ll thank you for it! Go to my books page to buy it from the seller of your choice – as long as it’s Amazon or Book Passage…

Boast #2: I have my first-ever story in a Major Women’s Magazine coming out in the next week! My story on “cougars” will be running in Harper’s Bazaar’s February issue. Talk about stoked! I hope this is the beginning of a trend in 08. I am perfect for the job. I am a woman, I write, and I read magazines. What more could they want?

Family boasts #3 and #4. Rent this movie: “The American Pastime,” which was produced by my late sister’s husband. It’s wonderful and deserved a much wider audience than the festivals! It’s a true story about a Japanese internment camp in WW2, and how baseball changed the lives of the inmates there. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0825225/

And my brother, Robert Buelteman, is having a new exhibit of his breathtaking, camera-free nature photography. Trees, leaves, flowers, even vegetables – electrified and alive. He is like Ansel Adams for the tech generation. Check him out at http://buelteman.com/home.html

That’s enough shameless huckstering for now. I feel a rash coming on. And oh yeah, since you made it this far, you get a reward! Which is: the pleasure of checking out some super-cool creative products – what more can you want?

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Jane, Congratulations

Wonderful news!!

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Dancing Babe!

I mean I loved it...but seriously...link to dancing SFW babe, please. :)

You lady, you are a rockstar



Shaun Landry


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Self-promotion, moi?

Oh, I absolutely understand your self-promo rash! After years of figuring out how many ways I can say "love me-buy me-read me-invite me-respect me- accept me-me-me-me-me" (and trust me, there are a LOT!), I believe the post-doc diploma is in the mail. But what's our choice? If we're with a huge publisher and get a wonderful publicist, we (that is, I) feel the need (and desire!) to jump in and bring to the PR/promo table my own contacts. If we're with a small publisher and get a wonderful publicist, we (yep, I) feel the need (and that desire yet again) to jump in and capitalize on all the contacts previously made. How can we not? (Indeed)  Yes, I have many writer friends who write it, send it to the agent, lift a glass of wine when it sells, and turn immediately to the next project. How I wish I could do that, and give myself another four hours a day for writing. But some of us are born to be participatory (which can be read as involved/meddling/etc.). 

I'll rent the movie today.

I'll check out your brother's website.

I've already ordered your book.

So you see...it works!

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Thanks, all, for the support!!

It's wonderful to hear from other authors who totally GET IT - that self-promotion is a weird duck. One that we're expected to embrace and even kiss on the bill...  ;)  But on we must go!! 

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Self Promotion

You know, I'm really ashamed to admit this.  But I am a professional marketer (M.B.A. degree with a marketing concentration and 30 years' experience).  I've marketed financial products, ideas, social services, technology.  I know what to do and how to do it well.  Even though I believe in myself and my work, the most difficult thing of all to market is myself.  Would rather have a root canal. 

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This is my self-promotion

I figure if I comment on a famous person's blog ...

(Maybe this is why my son calls me a poser.)

And in a six degrees of separation thing, I met your brother.

How's that for shameless self-promotion?

Anyway, congratulations on all your exciting news, and your family's, too.