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"Ciabattari is a master of transformation as she gives these stories of loss, woe, crisis and collapse the salutary and sometimes bracing qualities of plain good fiction."
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Stealing the Fire

 Book distribution. Not a writer's concern, right? When my first short story collection, "Stealing the Fire," was published, my agent sent me the first early review, from Kirkus, and I was euphoric ("Ciabattari is a master of transformation...). Then came positive PW, Library Journal reviews. I had lined up readings/events in New York, LA, the San Francisco Bay Area, Squaw Valley, Maine, over a six-month period. I had copies of the book with me to sell or hand over to local booksellers. I had a website (www.janeciabattari.com).

But there were no books in the stores. Or only in a few local stores, My wonderful small publisher had cut his ties with his distributor, and found no replacement. And not mentioned it.  I did some research and discovered Amazon's program for small presses, but not before those early months were behind us. Next time....