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Newly Released Blossoms and Bayonets
Hi-Dong Chai and Jana McBurney-Lin, the award-winning author of My Half of the Sky, turn their hands to a remarkable story of a family and country torn apart by outside forces. The time is 1942, the place is Japanese-occupied Seoul, Korea. Fifteen-year-old He-Seung is full of fire, ready to take on these Japanese…if only he could convince his father, a Christian...
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The late leader of China, Chairman Mao said that, "Women hold up half the sky." My Half of the Sky is the story of a contemporary young Chinese woman who strives to be modern, strives to hold up her half of the sky, but the traditions of her village keep pulling her back. While the narration takes place in China/Singapore, the story is universal: where do we reconcile the past with...