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Cure for the Dentist Drill

This afternoon I had to have a crown redone.  It sounds like such a lovely event, complete with swishy red velvet dresses and diamonds and dancing til dawn.  But we all know better.  The only thing red is--well I won't go there.  Not at all looking forward to this, I thought of an escape: my son's Kindle (which at some point in time had actually been a gift to me.) I seemed to remember that it has a text-to-speech function.  Of course, I couldn't figure out how to use it so I asked my friend, Google.  Sure enough there was even a You Tube Video on the subject.  Armed with my Kindle I entered the world of doom and gloom.  I must admit the robotic voice was irritating as I sat looking out the window awaiting my fate.  But, let me tell you, even robots sound like old friends when compared to the drill.  I won't be visiting the dentist again without my Kindle.