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Feb 2008

Jan Newman has spent the past 30 years facilitating conversations about new ideas, new products and services in her role as a Focus Group Moderator. She is nationally renowned as a market researcher whose expertise is in getting people to reveal their core thoughts, dreams and ideals. Her research projects always have her crisscrossing the country, month in and month out, year after year, allowing her to collect intriguing stories of people’s chance meetings from all walks of life and across a range of experiences. The concept for this book is based upon Jan’s chance meeting that occurred in 1968. She met her husband unexpectedly and has been truly, madly, deeply in love with him ever since.

This book shares the beauty of chance meetings that are testaments to living life, rather than being a bystander. These stories are from people of all ages. Each meeting ultimately leads to a lasting and meaningful relationship. Chance Meetings that Tied the Knot helps to empower women and men to look at life as center stage, when everyday experiences can be creative and fulfilling. Just like a wonderful recipe, the ingredients of true and enduring love are available to everyone. The key is the recipe. A marriage and family psychologist once said, "If people would learn to trust themselves, change their surroundings, and take a chance on life, more meaningful relationships would be developed." Treat these stories as little gifts. Each is to be cherished. These vignettes hold the seeds of love that have grown and matured as time passes. And just like history, these situations repeat themselves bringing the chance for love into everyone’s life.




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