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Short Fuses - New Writing from The Shed

Short Fuses is a compendium of 20 incendiary confections created in the fractious online assembly known as the Bookshed: an unruly gathering of linguistic fugitives whose only common bond is a passion for writing, absinthe and monkeys. Most of the writers represented here are escapees from other peer-review websites, although at least one is on the run from constabularies not merely virtual. Should you wish to meet them, why not knock on the bar-room door at www.bookshed.eu?  http://www.lulu.com/content/paperback-book/short-fuses/6294854

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Hi, James

I've not read anything from you in a long while, or I just missed you since RR membership has increased 100 fold. Been thinking about you just yesterday and hope you are doing well. I will check out this website.

If you have more time, can you tell us more about South Africa, and how neighboring Zimbabwe is affecting your country?

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Hey, Belle

Good to hear from you. I'll ponder your question for a bit. Our fates are intertwined though, ours and Zimbabwe's. It's a fascinated place to live. A brand new democrasy. Perhaps not unlike America's early history - a good constitution being tested by citizens who have never lived in a democrasy before?