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John McCain Called his Wife an Ellipsis?

This seems to be attested.

And some folks are having fun with it.

Here in South Africa, we have a politician who suggested that if the leader of the ruling party was tried for corruption (his partner in this corruption is already in jail by the way, which seems to suggest that said leader might just be guilty) people should kill to defend him.

Which puts the word usage thing in a kind of perspective.

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And not having been present when McNasty declared those ellipsis, I find it funny and grotesque. The intensive labor of makeup troweled on is really all for the cause of making him look good on stage. The power she gleans from him are the golden apples Atalanta stooped to retrieve.

During dynastic China, not only the guilty, the partner of the guilty were eliminated but the entire clan--great grandfather, father, mother, children, children's children, siblings and branching to the in-laws, the in-law's family strata. Simply, anyone who had anything to do with the guilty. Eight generations could be wiped off the slate.

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dear lord...

no wonder she was addicted to pescription drugs. I would be too, married to him.