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Historical Intersections

Cormac McCarthy's Blood Meridian is about the North American border wars of the 1830s. The Book of War is about the Southern African border wars of the 1850s.

Sir Harry Smith, known in The Book of War as 'the General', the man who was unable to defeat the great Xhosa strategist, Maqoma, was also the man who, during the invasion of Washington in 1812, devoured Dolly Madison's meal at the White House and then went outside to watch the building burn.

"We found supper all ready," he wrote, "which many of us speedily consumed... and drank some very good wine."

Howard R. Lamar and Leonard Thompson wrote a book about this historical intersection, The Frontier in History: North America and Southern Africa Compared. The United States of America and South Africa are, in a sense, opposite ends of the same stick

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