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Boycott Amazon

YouWriteOn.com is taking on Amazon over its controversial decision that all Print-On-Demand (POD) books have to be printed through Amazon's company BookSurge, and Amazon's attempts to stifle competitive book prices.

You can find the full story, and learn out how to put pressure on Amazon to change their policy, at The BookShed.

Some pointers on how to take action, here.

And then there's the brand new Boycott Amazon Group on FaceBook. Come citizens. We can get viral on their posteriors.

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"Amazon says that if POD

"Amazon says that if POD companies do not print through Amazon’s own printing arm, BookSurge, they will remove the 'buy now' button for authors POD books" (YouWriteOn.com).

I am continually amazed by what powerful and popular companies do to mainpulate their consumers. I am definately going to share this information with my friends, who happen to be avid Amazon customers. Thanks for the information!

Julie Boddorff, Red Room

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Hot topic

Two other Red Room authors—Camille Marchetta and Sandra Miller—have blogged about this issue in the last couple of days as well. It'll be interesting to see how this plays out.

Huntington Sharp, Red Room

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Oh! I just noticed that you

Oh! I just noticed that you live in Johannesburg; I lived in Cape Town for 5 months a couple of years ago and went to the University of Cape Town. I was able to get over to Johannesburg on my way to Mozambique; I wish I had more time to explore the city! How long have you lived there?

 Julie Boddorff, Red Room

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Hi. Julie. I've been here

Hi. Julie.

I've been here since 1980. A dangerous and glamorous city. From which we try and escape to Mozambique once a year. Thanks for the comments.