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Last Night

Submission for the Scandalously Short Story Contest


White stuff fell like snow. The air teemed with excitement. Men and women engaged in salacious sex everywhere. Booze flowed like water. What a night! I must have banged six babes myself before passing out.

• • •

I see light. Is it morning? My pounding head is twirling. I can’t focus. Mirrored ceilings reflect waving black gargoyles. Scarlet shades of flocking are everywhere, even the carpet. Whips of steam rise around my bed. Got to pull the blanket down, it’s too hot.… Where in hell am I?

Didn’t my buddies take me home? Let me think. Got to get my head cleared. Wait—the car—no limo—yes, it was a black limo. I remember now, the interior all white satin, with a space to crash. Did I pass out? Looking up in the mirrors again, my eyes are focusing and I begin to see other things. I’m not alone in this bed. Two naked women lay beside me. Wow, the guys took me to a whorehouse; it keeps getting better and better.

The seductress on one side is stirring. Oh God—she’s disgusting. A corpse-like creature that must be five hundred years old that has agonizing eyes ablaze in sunken twisted cheeks, with a chest caved in around hideous decayed flesh. Long drooping breasts with black nipples point straight down. A tormented mouth opens as if to speak. It’s surrounded by an abundance of straggling white hair especially over her upper lip. Deceased would best describe this abhorrent siren? Trying to smile, she spatters out, in a dull, deliberate, debilitated, toneless voice, “You surely snorted up last night.” The deadly odar from her trailing breath would kill a nest of cockroaches.

I sat up. “I couldn’t get enough, so I kept on sniffing, you ugly bitch.” My eyes are now focus. I’m in a space that looks like a tawdry brothel, red everywhere, and endless confinement with no windows. Bottles of liquor and scattered glasses adorn every table, some empty, some partially filled. Along one wall are rotted whips, rusty chains and sharply spiked paraphernalia with what looks like caked up putrid flesh emitting ghastly stench. The image of flocked wallpaper rapidly fades as I notice stained battle-scarred swords besiege another wall.

 My other bed companion stirs. My heart jumps for joy. She’s young and attractive, so I say, “Listen, why don’t you kick that ugly hag’s butt out of here and let’s tangle. I don’t like being watched when I’m fucking.”

She looks my way and smiles. Damn-it, I realize it’s the girl—the girl I’ve dreamed about all my life. I cast my eyes on a lusty body. The kind men desire. Fiery red hair surrounds a flawless oval face of pure, almost glowing, white skin. Looking into her dilated black pupils is like gazing into an abyss. Getting to her knees, she assesses my body and licks her full lips. “You’re mine—now.”

The cadaverous bitch appears hurt, as if I did something wrong. Trying to act dignified, and to impress my true love, I ask the redheaded beauty, “Did—did you and I copulate last night?”

“Would you like that?”

“Would I? I thought you’d never ask. I’ve dreamed about fucking you forever. Hey, how about more coke?”

I watch the old emaciated witch slither out and start to handcuff me to the bed.

The leggy redhead glides off the other side and slides onto the red carpet. Landing on delicate feet, she moves toward one of the walls, turns, and slyly grins. “You won’t need cocaine here.”

“What do you mean ‘I don’t need it?’” Sweat breaks out on my forehead. “Girls, will you turn the God damn fucking heat down?”

The redhead locates some cattails on the wall, and beckons the old shrew to take them. The two of them see I’ve become excited, yet I’m frightened. My angel returns to my bedside hiding another toy. With each step this ravenous beauty grows larger. Pupils are now as big as quarters. Flaming crimson hair grows everywhere. Long strands of fuzz start to peek out from under armpits metamorphosing into abandoned bird nests. Trimmed gleaming genitalia whiskers begin stretching into a long straggly beard. Leg follicles sprout and grow into a mangled brier. Tromping, my dream date's dainty feet transform into hoofs. A huge beast now looms over me. I see long claws tightly griping a mace. She opens her mouth, exposing pure white fangs and snarls, “Want to play dead?” She takes a brutish swipe at my erection.

I feel excruciating pain in my groin and right leg. Glancing down, no marks, bruises, cuts nor blood is visible. I shout, “Jesus Christ, get the hell away from me!!”

“Tee-hee, hee, hee, It’s too late, He can’t help you now, dearie,” chants the elder beast in a high pitched crackling voice.

"I shout, "Where am I?"

The towering, horned demon snarls. “You’re home, you’re in our home. It’s forever; embrace it.”

Immediately, the hovering female serpents start flogging away, singing in unison, “It’s so nice to have a young man around our house.”

I yell, “What—in Hell! Aaugh…aaaugh!” Pain—I’m burning up—everywhere crucifying pain.

I can’t stand it. I scream, “Jesus Christ! Help me—for God’s sake! Aaaaugh, can anyone hear me? Heeeelp, please help me! Aaaaaugh, the pain, aaaaaaugh. Help—help—aaaaaaaaugh—please, someone—can anyone help me!”