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Castro Valley, CA
I was married to my wife, Margery, for fifty years. She died in February, 2008. I miss her terribly.
Jun 2010

Born in the depression and having no toys to speak of, I used my imagination to conjure up stories. I would tell them to my playmates, while we constructed space ships and buildings out of cardboard boxes. Yes, we had Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers back then. In my teens I went to a movie about George Sands, the pen name of a women writer. I became enamored with having a pen name and selected “Ronald James.” Unfortunately, my chosen profession, architecture, prevented me from writing. Now retired, I have completed stories that have been buzzing in my brain for years. The Two Jacks takes us back to the mid-seventies, when porn busted into mainstream society. At the time, I always wondered why the fledging porn industry never tried to do musicals since they poked fun at everything else. My mind started to put together what if scenarios. The result, The Two Jacks. A song was composed for the musical within the book. The song's names is I Profess My Love, and was composed by Blair Hansen and Ana Escabar. It's very haunting and goes with the books cover, a woman searching in a San Francisco alley for her forbidden lover.

My first detective novel will be out in November that takes place during the Christmas season. It introduces my detective protagonist, Sammy Shovel, a short, balding, man with a chip on his shoulder, because his senior partner was gunned down trying to save his young partner's life. His dying words—San Francisco needs you, not me. 

The Two Jacks is available now from Dog Ear Publishers, ISBN: 978-160844-461-8.

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Cooking and traveling—I write about what I know, the more I know, the more interesting places my detective can find clues.