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Where in the world is Leta Lynn Cordes ?
Leta Cordes

The story of the disappearance of Leta Cordes is being featured tonight on Dateline NBC at 8PM ET. I am not sure what new information they can bring to the story, but it does look as if they have some interviews with Cordes' friends and family.

Leta Lynn Cordes Has Been Missing Since January 11, 2008 In Sint Maarten / Saint Martin, in the Caribbean vacation spot. Her husband last saw her when she left for the casino.

Frank Cordes has stated Leta departed their vacation home alone on foot to make the half mile walk to the casino at the Westin Hotel. She has not been seen since.

Leta Cores never made it to the Westin according to surveillance tapes, and there were no eye witnesses placing her at the hotel that night, or on the road to the hotel.

According to Frank Cordes, Leta apparently had nothing more than a blouse, jean shorts, black laced sandals, around $200, and her drivers license (she did not have her passport). She also was not carrying a cellphone.

We hope that those who loved Leta Cordes will find out what happened to her.