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More Warm Fuzzies!
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Every so often something happens that gives you one of those "warm fuzzies," and lifts the  spirits.  Monday, I checked the Fictionwise/Kindle site under the best seller horror category and noticed that my new book, Reveka's Return, jumped from the #4 slot to #2...yahoo!   Now,  I know it's not the New York Times best seller list (though someday I'd like to be able to say that), but right now it feels absolutely wonderful.  As a new author, I'm discovering that there's a good deal of work in publicizing oneself and promoting one's books.   It feels great to see a little of the fruits of my labor pay off. 

One thing I've noticed is how helpful some authors can be.  I am always impressed when a busy authors takes the time to personally answer an email from me.  Jeaniene Frost (author of the Night Huntress series)has been really great in providing advice.  I see why she has such a large fan base (something I hope to be proud of one day.)  If I ever achieve any semblance of notoriety, I will use Ms. Frost as a role model and be as communicative as she is.