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Interview with Quenilda
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Hello everyone.  Today is a special blog.  I am excited to interview one of the characters in "Reveka's Revenge," book two of the Crimson Pursuit series.  My guest is Quenilda.  She has been an astral spirit since her death in 1347. 

JSH:  Hello, Quenilda, it is a pleasure to be able to talk with you today.  I trust you had a safe journey here.

Q:  Good morning to you, James, and thank you for inviting me to your blog.  Oh, my travels here were a bit testy.

JSH:  Why was that?

Q:  The traffic was horrific. 

JSH:  What do you mean by traffic?

Q:  Spirits were jam packed on the way to your web site to get information on the release of your new book, "Reveka's Return." They are just thrilled to read about Reveka and her story.  It's not often that someone includes the astral plane in a story.  They've been curious as to how Reveka is fairing and what will happen to her.  She had a lot of friends while she was here.

JSH: Well, that leads us nicely into my first question.  What is the astral plane?

Q:  That is an excellent query.  The astral plane is the world of  the planetary spheres.  It is a plane of existence where the soul resides on the way to being born and after death.   The inhabitants of the plane include all manner of spirits such as angels, demons, and what you colloquially refer to as ghosts.   It is a wonderful world of self-evaluation and critical assessment.  For some of our visitors, it can take a long time and be very difficult before they move on.

JSH:  So, do these spirits travel back to Earth and for what reasons?

Q:  Most of our inhabitants are happy to stay in the astral plane to meditate and reflect.  However, there are some more type A folks who like to slip back to earth.  For several, it's to try to resolve an issue that they left unfinished, and for others...well, they are your typical class clowns who like to stir things.

JSH:  Tell us about Reveka.

Q:  Ahh...Reveka.  I remember when she first came to us.  She was very upset and an extremely tortured soul.  I befriended her soon after she got here and tried to console her.  We became very good friends. 

JSH:  What about the whole business of "astral vampirism?" 

Q:  Now that's a sensitive area that we don't like to talk much about.  Sadly, there are some of the astral inhabitants that learn the secret to feeding off a life force.  Some do it for the kick they receive.  It's a pretty fantastic high.  Most often if they were a vampire on earth, they crave the feeling of feeding off the life force of their victims.  I know that for Reveka in the beginning, she just wanted to take the life of the hunter who killed her.

JSH:  How do the spirits feed off the life force?

Q:  They enter the dreams of the victim.  Many of the spirits just take a little of the life force.  Most often, while the spirit is feeding, they manipulate the victim's dream to provide an intense pleasure and usually sexual in nature.  Rarely, is a victim so depleted that they die.  However, a spirit or more accurately demon, can completely drain a victim's total life force, leaving them to die.

JSH:  So, after Reveka took the life force of the hunter, why did she continue to feed off the life force of others?

Q:  (long pause) It's difficult for me to talk about this.

JSH:  Please, take a moment.

Q:  Reveka was unhappy in the astral plane.  She yearned to return to corporeal form.  Her blood lust was so overpowering her.  She so wanted to return as a flesh and blood vampire.  I could not persuade her to move on.

JSH:  Is it possible for an astral inhabitant to return to corporeal form?

Q:  Yes, and I showed her how to do it.

JSH:  What did she have to do?

Q:  I taught her the secret to store the energy that she drained from the life force of individuals.  It is a very old secret that not many of the astral inhabitants possess.  It is not supposed to be taught. 

JSH:  How come you never passed on from the astral plane?

Q:  I remain in the astral plane to help others.  I have never wanted to pass on.  I feel that my place is to educate newly placed spirits.  Perhaps, someday I will make the transition.

JSH: Explain a little, if you will, how Reveka made the transference back to corporeal form.

Q:  She stored enough energy to pass her spirit into the body of an individual on earth.  Once she had enough energy stored, she invaded the dream of the person and infused her spirit into the body, thus pushing the other spirit out  into the astral plane.

JSH:  So, Reveka murdered the poor girl.

Q:  (shaking her head slowly) I am afraid so.  I met with the young lady.  I believe her name was Miranda.  She was very unhappy at first, but she was able to put it all behind her.  I watched the day she move on.  In the end, she was elated.

JSH:  What do you think of the new book that I'm writing, "Reveka's Revenge?"

Q:  I am thrilled to be a part of the story.  I don't want to give anything away, but I can tell you that there is another in the astral plane that is...well, she is malicious, violent and extremely evil.  I have tried to stay away from her as much as I can.  I do know that she is cunning and plotting a return to corporeal form.  Reveka will have her hands full.

JSH:  That's exciting.  Well, I want to thank you for your time and I am sure our readers have enjoyed your comments.  Are you heading back to the astral plane?

Q:  Yes, but first I want to go to your web site that has your contest.  Now, if I'm not mistaken, on your home page there is a hand to click that takes you to your contest, right?

JSH:  Yes, that's correct.  The first place winner will receive a free book of their choosing from SynergEbooks.  The second place winner takes home a copy of Halfway to the Grave, book one, Night Huntress series by Jeaniene Frost.

Q:  One last thing, I just want to remind everyone to go to www.synergEbooks.com and order their copy of "Reveka's Return."  You're gonna love it.

JSH:  Thanks again, Quenilda for coming today and have a safe journey home.  And to all my readers...thanks for stopping by.  Happy reading!!