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Autographing Ebooks

Lots of folks will be getting ereaders and ebooks for Christmas.  So after the last Christmas cookie is eaten, after the tree comes down, and after the holiday lights go in the garage for another year, it’s time to cozy up to that new ereader and ebook.  And here’s a great idea—get the ebook autographed! 

Kindlegraph.com is a web site that allows a reader to request an autograph from the author.  The author signs (electronically) the cover to the book.  This new service is a great way to connect with your favorite authors.  Create a folder and start a file on your computer of all your autographed covers. 

When I was typing autograph, I kept spelling it authograph. Afer realizing the mistake, I thought how appropriate the word was.  Authograph.  Maybe I just invented a new word??!!

Oh, and if your looking for a paranormal, romance, thriller, supernatural, scary book with strong appealing vampire characters (not teens), check out my series called The Crimson Pursuit (Reveka’s Return and Reveka’s Revenge), available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, SynergEbooks, etc.  I’d love to send you an autograph (or authograph) from Kindlegraph. 

One last item...allow me to plant a seed about my upcoming book "Heckel Casey."  It is being released in 2012 by Imajin Books.  When it comes out, I will let everyone know and then you can request a Kindlegraph for that as well.

Happy reading and happy holidays!!