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Any where I park my RV
Happily married for 17 years to Zoe Shepherd!!
Oct 2009

For 38 years, James enjoyed a productive career as a music educator.  He taught at the university level as well as high school.  The longest stretch was 16 years at Winona State University in Minnesota.  He is also a composer with works published by Zames Music Co. Two CDs of his chamber works are available from iTunes and CDbaby.com.

His new writing career includes articles with the magazine Marathon and Beyond. His articles were about running the Norwegian Wilderness Marathon and the Wyoming Double Marathon. Additionally, James was writer and publisher of a local newsletter in Minnesota on RVing. His foray into the area of writing novels began with his first full-length book-- Milford Spitz and the Very Fast Machine. "I’ve discovered that letting my imagination run amok and getting it down on paper is addictive.  Now if I can get the voices to stop, I’ll be fine."

     In January 2010, SynergEbooks released James' second novel, Reveka's Return. This paranormal romantic vampire thriller is the first in the series, The Crimson Pursuit. Book 2, Reveka's Revenge was released October 2010. In August 2011, SynergEbooks released a print version of "Reveka's Return."

     James recently signed contracts with Imajin Books for a 2012 ebook and print release of his novel "Heckel Casey"--a thriller set in a post-apocalyptic world.     Additional writing includes several horror short stories which are intended for an upcoming collection. A sequel to Milford Spitz and the Very Fast Machine is nearly complete and James is half way through writing a sci-fi thriller called "Tatts." His short story "The Frame" was published in the October issue of the award winning on-line magazine, The Horror Zine, and James' flash fiction piece titled "Fade to..." is published by Pill Hill Press in an anthology titled Daily Flash Fiction of 2012.

    James retired from Winona State University in May 2008 to begin a vagabond existence as a fulltime RVer.  Along with his wife Zoe and dog Ruby, the three travelers are loving the freedom to roam. 


Stephen King, Dean Kootnz, Jeaniene Frost, Stephenie Meyer, H.G. Wells, Edward D. Hoch, Terry Brooks, Clive Barker,

Upcoming Works

"Heckel Casey" (Imajin Books) 2012 release.

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