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Travel for Writers

If you write, more than likely you love, dream or want to travel as a writer.

I've started my own website (www.worldseers.com) that, in part, is an attempt to help writers travel in a way that is conducive to our writing. As I write on the home page:

"You live life with a certain wanderlust and romanticism that is reflected in movies such as A Good Year, Stealing Beauty, or Under the Tuscan Sun. You find inspiration in books such as A Year in Provence, A Moveable Feast, or Steinbeck’s Travels with Charlie. You probably also look with some envy and sentimentality at the lives of people such as Ernest Hemingway and Martha Gelhorn, Julia and Paul Cushing Child, or master travel writer Bill Bryson.

"You seek that same intimate relationship, connection and rapport with a place and its people as is demonstrated by these movies, books and people. Or perhaps, someone close to you has been lucky enough to set a strong example for you of what it means to truly travel."

As I move forward I want to provide access to affordable villas in places such as Provence, Tuscany, the Caribbean, and more. In all, I think that travel where you can immerse yourself in the culture and society of the place you visit is a very rewarding endeavor and probably the best way to help your writing. Therefore, being able to stay among the people and away from hotels and resorts is an important thing.

Anyway, please pay a visit and check in periodically. Hopefully, there will be a lot there to help you live your travel dreams.