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The Two Million Dollar Questions

Okay, they are not really worth a million dollars, but I have found that when marketing a manuscript or project these two questions really help focus the mind when it comes to helping an agent or publisher get excited about your project or manuscript.

This is something that I do for people I work with--help them get projects off the ground--and I am finding it is a service that people really seem to need. So if you need a hand please feel free to get hold of me at www.orchardwriting.com.

Anyway, enough marketing. The questions are very simple:

1) Is it a good story well-told?

2) Will it make money?

If you can affirmatively answer these questions (this is where I help people) then you have a really great chance of getting an agent or published.

The first is answered by your sample chapters, chapter outline, and/or synopsis in the book proposal as well as the manuscript itself. If you need help to sharpen these then seek it out because it will increase your chance of success.

The second question is answered by the marketing platform you are able to begin to build. This is really about the media interest that you have been able to create for your project as well as any audience you may already have (blog readership, organization membership, media viewership, and so on). And while it is great to have a fully formed platform and marketing strategy ready to go, there are other ways to demonstrate strong interest for your project and that you have successfully begun the legwork of building a platform.

Anyway, had a lengthy and fun conversation with a client last night (he calls me his book therapist) and thought these things might be helpful.

Any other ideas?