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McSweeny's #38 -- A Good Read

My last post was highly critical of one MFA graduate's hubris as well as the narrowing down of writing into hierarchical categories that are utterly meaningless, yet limit publication and the quality of short stories, essays, and literary journals. I did, however, say there are some exceptions.

Of note, the latest issue of McSweeny’s is very happily an exception. In particular, I am in the midst of a short story by Nathaniel Rich titled “The Northeast Kingdom” and very much enjoying it. The writing is concise, flows, has its own rhythm and beauty, and the story is unique, interesting and well told. In short, it represents what short stories have the potential of being, high literary art that is meaningful and entertaining.

I really do suggest that if folks have not read it yet that they do so. It is in McSweeny’s #38.