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Come See Something Truly Wonderful

Here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ltun92DfnPY

I love this for many reasons. Of course, I was one of the kids he talks about and used writing as a way to strike back and give voice to my thoughts. I could be subtle, but it gave me a way to express how I felt, which unfortunately later became anger, frustration, and very low self-esteem, which caused me to on a couple rare occasions to be cruel and ultimately spend more time than I should have being the person I wasn't meant to be.

Now I see some of this in my kids. My son, he has Asperger's, was painfully bullied and teased and my daughter, a wonderful, unique, colorful, artistic, talented, caring girl, wrestles with anxiety and some depression. But in both cases I was able to find a better place for them, a charter school where they are respected and their differences are accepted and even celebrated. Both are much happier now and that feels good. Not coincidentally, it was a new school that lifted me up as well. Not as far as I needed to go, I still sunk into some dark places before finding my way, but I would have sunk much further than I did without it.

So watch the video and think not just about these kids, but when you despair about the future of our country, education crumbling, right wing destroying the economy in an effort to upturn decades of social justice as well as a health law that will vastly improve the lives of tens of millions of people as well as the rest of the country in an attempt to destroy the social contract, think of the guy who did this video. There are many more of him and us than the bullies and greed heads that hold so much power currently.