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Being Better at the Business of Writing: Ideas?

Kicking and screaming, I have been drawn into the business side of being a writer. 

I have never had a sense for business and have, to be honest, seen being in sales as a pejorative rather than anything else, which is wrong of me because I have great friends who are in sales.

However, I have come to realize that as a writer, whether it is fiction or freelance, I am in sales whether I want to admit it or not and I have to be far savvier at how I conduct the business of being a writer than I have been. Simply stated, I want to sell more of my writing whether it is  my freelance or short stories and to do that I have to be my own salesman.

The problem is that while I have done a lot of business writing (books, white papers, etc.) and understand how large multi-national corporations manage their sales and marketing, I haven't a clue how to do it in my small little world. Do I make cold calls to people and companies I think may benefit from what I do? If so, how do I make a cold call without being annoying? Or, maybe there is some service that would do this for me?

Many questions without much knowledge on the practical aspects of selling my writing and myself as a writer.

Anyone else out there with a good idea?




 I have come to recognize that in order to expand my work and broaden the scope of what I do, I have to start addressing and being better at the business side of writing. Not sure how, though. As a freelancer, do I make cold calls to companies that I think I would be a good match for? If so, how do I do that?