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From the Desk of a Teacher

I happen to go through a report,”For Some teens A busy Life Takes the Fun out of High School”, on the Voice of America Special English programme. Much research has been done by the Educationists to find out what is cooking in the minds of teens. I thought aloud the condition of the teens in our own country. Therefore this report is filed.

Having worked for more than thirty five years in one of the renowned Public Schools run by the Ministry of Defence, Government of India and presently working in a private school for the last five years, I have come across a number of different types of school administrations and syllabi. Here in our coumtry students have to select one of the curriculums of Indian Certificate secondary examination, Central Board of secondary Education, matriculation or state board. This is required for completing the High School Final before entering into Pre University courses. Again, it is not enough if the students pass in the qualifying examination .To get into the professional courses he or she has to take up the entrance test. Now the Government has introduced National Open Schooling system. In this students are encouraged to complete their High School course with out much stress. Even though they will have leisure time to pursue their hobbies, they have to prepare for the examination of their own and the stress is mounting on them .

Normally the parents decide the course of study for his son or daughter. The children are not permitted to pursue a course which he or she is interested in. For example the parents will compel his ward to learn Mathematics and science to get into an Engineering College or Medical course where as the boy is interested in drawing and painting. The stress on the child is passed on to the other members of the family when they try to help him in the home work .

The number of Text books and note books a student carries is too much of a burden. What we want is a curriculum which does not require the child  carry a truck load of books and note books.

Too much of project work is given to the students. Naturally they depend upon the net to collect information for the project and it ends up in seeing all the unwanted materials. The stress of home work or the project work is passed on to the family members to get a good grade in internal assessment. Both the teachers and parents must act as friends, philosophers and guides to the students. The High School Education will not be a burden on teens then and then only.