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Faith Lost and Regained

Before leaving for abroad, my wife gave too many instructions. I knew that all these amount tto Do's and Dont's regarding men and matters mainly money matters. Everything was going on smoothly. I did not keep the money on the table that would have tempted the servant. Problem crept in when a boy to buy the old news papers. The old news papers were disposed for a sum of sixty rupees.He handed over a hundred rupee note and asked me to give him the balance.Since I did not have any change at that time, I asked him to get the change from the shop at the end of the road and settle my account. I said that in good faith.Two hours passed, the boy did not come . I asked my servant to go and see if the boy was anywhere near the shop. She returned to give me advice and instructions as to how one should handle such a situation. as the boy had disppeared.She narrated a story to prove her point.The housewife next door was duped.It aws the wedding anniversary of the couple and the husband told her to prepare good lunch for him and five of his colleques.At 12 noon a boy came and collected the food carrier to hand over to her husband. The angry husband came back from work and asked his wife why did she not send the lunch.It took sometime for them to understand that a tricster had gone with the food box. The daily news papers also highlighted the activities of the tricksters fooling housewives..What hurt me was not the loss of money but the thought of being fooled by a youth. Having been advised by all the people around that I must be careful;, I started looking with suspicion even the electric meter reader , the postman and the boy next door when he came to pick up the ball he kicked into our compound, I was mentally distrubed so much that I started doubting even the ATM machine when it took a few seconds more to eject the currency. 0ne evening I was on my way to the shopping complex. Someone called me. I looked back. I saw a youth standing with a smile.. He said,"Sir, don't you recognize me?".I told him that I could not know him by any means. He asked me to recollect the old newspaper boy. I could figure him.He told me his story. 'I iwent to get the change. At the end of the road I was knocked down by an autorickshaw. Some good samaritans admitted me in the hospital.After the treatment I went to my native place. I was always thinking of your balance money.I will come and give your money to-morrow.".0n my way back I met a friend who was running a courier company. I told him about the boy.He said,"If the boy comes back to-morrow, bring him to me.I will give him the job of a delivery boy. He seems to be honest.Moreover he will be thorough with the lanes and by lanes of the city. He will suit for my business.".The next day the boy came and handed over the balnce money and my friend took himm in his company.I regained my faith.