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The untold story

 At a desk at the Antarctic, a secret agent sat. His eyes were old and wise. His hands were young and hard. In front of the agent were a typewriter and a tape recorder. The blue eyes glanced at the horizon. He wanted to unwell the lies, make the truth heard, and understood. The world should know how things occurred and why everything keeps repeating itself.The paper in the typewriter was blank. Where should he start? The history of man was full of deceitful deeds and shady actions. From the creation of the bible to the constant upkeep of colonial army strength, that can attack all over the globe within twelve hours. Which lie was biggest, the assassination of Kennedy or the downfall of the twin towers? Every time, we managed to cover it up. Even though the answer was right in front of peoples faces, they didn’t see it. As if they didn’t want to see the reality? I will start at the beginning thought the agent. The beginning of our world, the western society. His fingers started hitting the letters, slow and precise. It all started at the First Council of Nicaea 325 A.D. The bishops agreed to disagree on a lot of things. They wanted a book, they could use when they preached, but what should be the context, was a great discussion. The scholars couldn’t agree, but it was public known, that women had a soul. The gathering of the Greek and Hebrew texts began. Over sixty years passed, before the first translated Latin bible saw the light of the day. From this point on, this powerful new book was changed on demand from the one in power to suit him best. Even today there exists more than one bible. The reason for religion is the need for control. A wrathful God works the best, to keep the flock in line, and a rewarding afterlife attracts even the best. The Ten Commandments are designed to make society go around. Not hard to figure out.Kennedy was against power abuse, he wanted to let the people know that they were prisoners in their own country, that they were not yet free.     Quickly after the assassination, Lee Harvey Oswald was killed by a link man. In dangerous situations it is custom to work with an outer source. In this case Jack Ruby. He kept his mouth shut as told. H HH  is family received a great deal of money after his death. Standard procedure. The window from where the three magical bullets were fired was bricked up. So nobody could see it would be impossible to make the shoots from there. This is according to the CIA and NSA, a successful cover-up.The more important the target is, the more secretly it will be killed. Poison or drugs are preferred. Car bombs are good for quick operations. But if we want to make sure the target doesn’t get any - we go for a headshot. Nice and clean.  The Oklahoma bomber was an easy frame. Just look at him. Born with a guilty face and southern lack of manners. Even his friends seemed crazy and bomb mad. Nobody inquired about the two separate explosions or the missing security camera-evidence. 27 cameras were pointing at the incident, when the truck blew down a whole FBI building. All classified Top Secret for the public.TV makes it happen. People want answers and if enough tells onscreen, what is really going on, the majority will believe. Deep in their hearts, they will choose the answer, which is closest to status quo. Even if the truth is right there, they will not take it. TV and religion makes our job easy. It makes people stop thinking and accepting. Think about it! What does Jesus and The Pope has in common? Greed? Lust for wealth and power? A longing for upholding ancient customs?Nothing.The freemasons control the world, or the part of the world, there is worth controlling. We all in some sense work for the all-seeing eye. No shame in realising this. They have had years, centuries to mould the world according to their plan. A funny thing is that we vote. The people honestly think they are in control. It makes them fell at ease. And that makes the skull and bones members happy, so they quietly can decide who will be the puppet for the next four years. The bigger the lie, the more will listen.  We will never go to the moon. In fact we will never go off world to explore space. The Earth is surrounded by the Van Allen-belts. A thick belt of ionised gamma radiation. No human can survive the journey though them. The belt makes sure no life will ever leave the surface of this planet. This I heard will in the future, when it’s more known, be an argument for god created our world. The different agencies actually, despite peoples popular believes, works to make sure that UFO’s and extraterrestrial encounters with alien life forms occurs and are believed. Its kind of a joke, but people wants to believe. The lies we build are made with our best intention – war. The old bank of Europe grows bigger for every building that is bombed down. Hitler didn’t win the war, but his ideas and inspiration lives on. Grandpa Bush tried to get the Nazi party up and running three years after the war ended. They changed the name to capitalist. Now a day Nazi moral and etiquette is alive and well in the army. In salute, the helmet of the Germanic tribe was made Us-standard issue. The politics about control and colonization is exactly the same. The language is just different, and the talk is never direct. The United States of America has a long and glorious history of starting wars to their own benefit after their opponents have been framed. The Spanish-American civil war was started when the USS Maine accidentally blew up in Havana Harbour. The Vietnam War began almost the same way in the Tonkin-bay. That war was useless in every sense. But it taught the government, how to use the Medias. Latest Bush Junior was the puppet when the biggest frame ever occurred. All national and federal agencies were involved. The blowing up of the World Trade Center happened as planned. The decoy flew into the towers and created a reality for the people to enjoy on the tube. I saw it myself on the screen. It looked sloppy. The security choppers were circling too close. The bolts exploding down the sides were a bit too obviously. But the chock in the people watching was real. The news on the plane hitting the Pentagon was made very poorly. It looked like no planes had ever been there. There was no engine or fuselage parts, it was all too obvious. But no, people bought it. When the third building collapsed and still nobody asked any questions, we could mourn as a nation and go to war, both on Saddam and Bin Laden. Two original CIA assets. Nobody wondered about the oil pipeline being built through both countries or who made money of it. I’ve been a part of it too long. My grandma said that if you tell a lie enough times, it will become the truth. But now I see no truth. If you know the truth, your stomach turns every time someone tells the lie, or referrers to it as a big part of their life. It hurts. It eats you up like a bug that feeds on organs. You feel very alone. A part of you closes up and is hidden from the world. If you keep the lie, you will feel no more. It’s very complicated. Every truth is hidden inside a lie. Hard to see through the carpet and watch them set the stage, when nobody is allowed backstage.   A red dot appeared in the back of the agents head. The silenced sound of the wind whispered shortly and loud. A bullet passed though the skull, and exploded the agents face. His head banged down in the typewriter. The paper didn’t become ink black with the agents confession. His blood slowly coloured it all dark red.