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It is the dog which is in control of the world

An interesting proposition put forth is that the dog thinks he is in charge of the family and by extension ,is in control of the world .That is why he tries to be aggressive against forces he thinks are disrupting the family’s well-being. How does one know that the dog is actually not in control of the world ? Or for that matter ,how does one think that the ants are not in control of the world ?

My take is that we only think he is not in control .For all we know he may actually be in control ! The moment he barks against a supposedly inimical force or thing ( such as a passing car) he is assuming he is in charge of the world. Just like ,when the explorers set foot in virgin territories ,they automatically thought they were in control of those territories. Your being in control of the world flows directly out of your assertion of control. If he is not in control ,who then is in charge ? There is a car which slows down at a village on the highway and as it picks up speed again,a stray dog runs after the car as though it were the single biggest enemy which has come to invade its territory .Why does he assert its control by running after a speeding car ? Apparently he is in control of the world and how can strange funny looking machines pass through the road with unknown creatures sitting behind its tinted glasses ?

Look at my own experience with a dog which had come under the wheels of the car in which I was travelling.

A dog’s death

He had come into us, running,
Yelling, in crescendo of pain
And livid with fateful anger.
Then all was peremptorily still.
The car stopped, screeching
Only to scrape bloody flesh
Off the muddy bumper; actually
He was chasing steel shadows
Which had no business there.
    We were travelling from Calicut to the Wyanad forests in our car when he had suddenly come into us .The driver applied his brakes very skilfully to bring the car to a stop but could not save the dog.Everything seemed so sudden ;his barks trailed off quickly in the morning silence of the highway. Actually he was chasing cars which he hated and went down fighting them.   Apparently it is the dog which is in control of the world.