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Death Be Not Proud

As a word person, I have to say that some words or perhaps I should say the use of some words really get to me.

Case in point: my brother and his wife like to use the word "kill" when they finish off anything.

"Can I kill this orange juice?"

"I killed the rest of the pizza."

This word is standard in journalism when it is decided that a story will not run.

I'm doing some contract work as fact checker and I sat in an editorial meeting where someone declared that a famous actress had been "killed." Though he knew perfectly well what this terminology means in a journalistic setting, one editor looked shocked for a second. For just a moment, he thought that the woman had died, when really the story about her had been stricken from the current issue of the publication.

Speaking of stricken stories...I just learned that an article I sweated over for The Washington Post was killed. It isn't a death and yet I mourn...

But some stories are resurrected and brought back to life. In their original form or in some alternative format. So hope springs eternal.


JADA BRADLEY (jadabradley.com) is a Washington DC-based writer who
enjoys telling stories in formal and informal ways. Her work has appeared in The Washington Post and online. She speaks Spanish and is a great supporter of creative expression in whatever form it takes. Her blog, In Other Words, can be found at inotherwordz.blogspot.com.