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I Am Not My Wrapping

I am not my wrapping
Do you have the courage to explore?
Or are you the infant more
interested in paper than finding
the treasures that lie in store?

I am not my wrapping
Like that shiny new book on the shelf
I am more like the dusty old classic
the one that makes you feel more like yourself.

I am not my wrapping
I’m more like that comfy worn out shirt
the one your last love asked you to give up
You swore you’d buried it in the dirt

But you didn’t throw out that second skin
You hid it -- not willing to give in
It has memories and good times woven in
deep into the fabric like a soul within

I am not my wrapping
I’m a mind and soul and feelings too.  
I am heat, sensual and sexual, raw and powerful
Whose inner goddess can be sparked
by words, by touch, by love

I am not my wrapping
I’m a human being, just like you.