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Jacquelyn Mitchard's Travel Diary II

8 p.m. La Guardia --- The people left here tonight either have somewhere they have to go that's life and death or have lost all hope. All the bathroom floors are wet; the coffee machines are empty and I'm sitting next to a woman who either is Amy Weinstein or channeling her. v. bad.

8:30 p.m. -- Someone turns on the second debate between Senators McCain and Obama. Much comment on Obama's purple tie? Is he trying to combine the red and the blue? Is he trying to look like Prince? Is he just dressing up sharp to point out that it's not a bad thing for a president to be stylish along with smart as heck and a contrast to the man next to him, who looks like Marley's ghost? I approve the tie, and see that somehow, Barack Obama still looks relaxed and relatively healthy despite the longest campaign since Leningrad. v. good

9:00 p.m. -- A crowd has gathered around the one TV. "McCain's back!" crows one man. Everyone turns to look at him to see if he has anything communicable. I get mad and eat a stale croissant. v. bad.

9:40 p.m. Boston Logan -- I get into a car-service car. It's driven by a man who says everyone in Massachusetts is definitely for McCain. This is interesting. I ask him why. "Look, he's a proven leader. He loves God and America. The other guy goes to church with someone who damned America for having slaves, and that was, wow, like more than a hundred years ago! How could you vote for a man who doesn't love our country? I was a Marine in tbe Persian Gulf and I got sick there, and man, I have nothing to lose. But he's for the real people! Obama, there's no way! There's no way he could love American the way McCain does. Plus, Sarah Palin is just so darned cute! Are you one of those left-wing nuts? Do you believe in health food and stuff?" He has nothing to lose and controls the locks on the car. I answer, "Well, that's completely understandable!" v. bad.

11:30 p.m. -- Get to my place of rest. Check the news and my nails. Thank the universe I arrived at all. Despite croissant rage, I lost one pound. Tomorrow is .. another day. v. good.