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Goodnight, Wisconsin

The house we built on the top of the hill is for sale.

(Goodnight, red tile roof. Good night, stone fire circle.)

I'm canning the whole garden, as though I could take it with me ...

(Goodnight pumpkins. Goodnight, raspberries, pear trees, and busy bees.)

We will sell the books and the beds, the coats and kiddie cars.

(Goodnight, library shelves. Goodnight, Midwestern sky strewn with stars.)

We will take pictures of the hills and the trees. We will take pictures of the last harvest moon.

(Goodnight, prairie. Goodnight, sleeping deer cuddled together in the prairie.)

Where we live someday soon, they will find our accents flat and funny.

(Goodnight, red jerseys. Goodnight, Beer Barrel Polka. Goodnight, clover honey.)

The house on the hill is for sale.We hoped one day it would be grandma's house.

(Goodnight, twelve-foot Christmas tree. Goodnight, two-oven turkey.)

Change comes slowly. Change comes fast. It looks like forever, but nothing lasts.

(Goodnight, cicadas. Goodnight peppers and tomatoes. Silent nights. Hawk flights.)

Life does not play fair. It's an adventure. Sometimes, you lose. Sometimes, you win.

(Goodnight, cheese hats. Goodnight, corner bars. On, Wisconsin.)