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And Sometimes, I Liked Her Suit....

Once in a while, she reminded me, in a cute way, of my friend's older sister, who says "Gosh darn it" when she's angry.

And maybe she's a nice lady and only mean as spit when she's riled.

And maybe she's a mean lady, who's just charming when she needs to be.

And I would trust Joe Biden with my kids, and with any day of the week.

But there were plenty of moments, during the first Vice-Presidential debate, when there was a third presence on the stage -- a presence all the more poignant for its absence -- smart, spirited, loving, feminine and fierce.

And I thought it would be a relief, when the Democrats' candidate was finally chosen, for gosh sakes -- as some might say.

 But in the end, Hillary, we hardly knew you.

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right on!

I thought that often too.