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Last Night I dreamed

Last night I dreamed a 1000 deaths, and sorrow in between

Time stood still and time flew by, and everything was seen

I stood and watched in helpless rage of all that came before

The loss of life, the lessons learned, remembered ever more.


The knowledge came, to understand, the body’s just a car,

So damaged here, so fragile life, teaching what we are.

The soul, it is relentless, it strength goes on alone

No time and no space, travelling on, and finally going home.


Within knowledge there is wisdom, hard fought and understood,

Lessons learn, growth is made, the journey is made good.

There is no point in crying for a 1000 lives I’ve seen,

The soul goes on, the essence safe, pain has never been.


My heart though, does remember, of times that come before

And times will come again and so I’ll learn some more.

I’ll take a moment for my heart alone, to hug and squeeze it tight,

Then continue on the journey and keep walking in the light.