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Jacqueline Mitchell's Writings

Welcome to my world, where people shine like stars Where spirits drive their bodies, a bit like driving cars, We are here all for the journey, travel through thick or thin, Life lessons and understanding given to us from our kin. I wish for a time that all can see as clearly as I see To understand our pathway and to be all that we can be. The knowledge that our...
Cradled in the arms, of the Angels up on high, Hush your tears now little one, shhh now don't you cry, A lifetime in a moment, cradled in the light, blessed with making a difference, a desire to make things right.    Never forget we hold you close, standing shining bright, A touch away, a heartbeat, a thought, helping in the light. So turn away the doubts,...
Cast off your worries, Cast off your cares, let it lift off your shoulders, and we will be here.  Take a moment of Truth, in a moment of Light, Trust in our guidance, it will all be alright.  When alone in the darkness, no Light and no sound, Call us, we'll hear you, and you will be found. Be gentle with you, and ease your troubled heart. We are always here with...
Last night I dreamed a 1000 deaths, and sorrow in between Time stood still and time flew by, and everything was seen I stood and watched in helpless rage of all that came before The loss of life, the lessons learned, remembered ever more.   The knowledge came, to understand, the body’s just a car, So damaged here, so fragile life, teaching what we are. The soul,...
Look in the mirror and what do I see A person, a soul, a reflection of me. I'm hard on this person, this body of mine, The expectations unrealised, disappointment of kind, I need to look deeper, the problem's not here It's stuck in my mind and it is based on fear. I need to accept me, to not be unkind, for most of my doubts I create in my mind. To here's to you,...
I sit in my mind, no movement, no sound The energy flows, it is always around, in moments like this, there is simply no time No racing, no rushing, it's the end of the line. I'm grateful, I know, it's only me there, the voices are quiet, there's no one to hear  I wait for a moment, and the moment passes me by I watch it float past in the blink of an eye, The...
"I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge, myth is more potent than history, dreams are more powerful than facts, hope will always triumph over experience, laughter is a cure for grief, love is stronger than death".  - Robert Fulghum