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Jacqueline's Blog - Where do you go to, my Lovely, when you're alone in your Bed?

Have you ever wondered why sometimes you can have a really, really good nights sleep and wake in the morning to feel like you have had no sleep at all?  I wanted to tell you or show you really the types of things that you do beyond the realms of sleep for the body.    Sometimes I can lay in bed at night, head just touching the body and get pulled literally upwards out of the body, I can turn back around and see me lying in the bed, sound asleep.  Over the years my husband has been completely irritated at times at how fast I can go to sleep.   Well I haven't really, the body has, I've been pulled upwards which is the best way to describe it and off through dimensions it seems to work.  Hmzzz no rest for the wicked apparently.

The other night I was sitting in the lounge, just watching TV, not particularly interesting when I feel a pulling on my solar plexus, for me personally, people seem to be attached to their bodies at this area.   When they step out of their bodies, they are attached by this beautiful silvery cord to the essence of the body and they can move freely around while the body is sleeping.  It has always intrigued me the places we can go once we have stepped out of the physical body.  No limitations.     I feel Tai come in close and pull gently, this is always a sign for me it's time to go "upstairs" for want of a better word.   My family is very used to me just going "Right I have to go to bed, I'm being pulled up".  Thank Goodness for understanding people! LOL.

As soon as I climb in bed on these days, I am gone.   Immediately it seems with the pulling upwards, that I am standing in a corridor and the tiles on the floor are black and white, large and the walls seem to be huge, monolithic archways, pillars and corridors.   Instantly I am aware that I am in a place that I call "The Halls of Learning".    The corridors are filled with people, some are talking, some are just walking incredibly fast, but they are all moving, a sea of people.  What intrigues me about them is that they are translucent, like looking at them one angle they are there, and the next moment, they have merged or faded away.   This seems to be simply because where ever you place your focus, it sharpens on that person or object, for the moment your intention or focus is there.  Initially it was very disconcerting.    Tai stands solidly beside me and I am grateful for his presence.      Normally I move in a sea of people into a "lecture hall", seats everywhere back up into like an auditorium and there is always learning, either by listening, absorbing or participating.   I have noticed that each person's experience in this environment is unique to them, be it looking over what has happened over the course of their day, looking at options and choices for the next day (hence being able to wake up with a decision in your mind), or just listening to what is being shared.   There is an amazing sense of unity in this environment.

Tai touches my arm and we move forward, it seems everything shifts and moves, I call it like a warp, a vortex, colours swirl and we step into a different place, again, where you place your focus you move to.   In a white room of no tangible walls this time, I feel myself fill with anticipation, this is a place I love.   Here is where there is work in frequency to see how cellular structures in physical matter respond to harmonising frequency.   This is a healing place which I adore.   I look around, there is many people here absorbed in what they are doing, working with energy and matter in a harmonising way.  I see a person I know on my earth plane journey and our eyes meet, in acknowledgement and warmth.    Tai has disappeared as I know where I am now and all sense of time is gone as I work within the colours of the spectrum of pinks and their healing frequency on plant life.     Sometimes I feel so incredibly frustrated when it's time to come back.   It's like a backwards pull really, the colours shift and I am back in the body in my bed.   Always it is around 3am and I am freezing.  I really should work on warming me back up before I come back I have decided.

Now the reason I am telling you my experiences, is simply because you have them too.   Sometimes within the early morning wakefulness, you can have a sense of doing something really important while you were sleeping, that you haven't really been asleep or not had enough sleep.  You could be like me, wake up freezing and wondering why.    The inner part of us, the higher being, doesn't rest.  There is no need to, there is no body to compensate or rest, there is no time.        So where do YOU go to my Lovely?   Because each person is so unique in their own experiences, that there is no wrong.  If you had a dream you were doing something in a place you have never seen before, changes are you were.   There is no limitations to our experiences out of our body, its our ability to remember them that at times changes and shifts, needing to at times for our purpose down here which is so very important.

We need sleep so we can help ourselves to make decisions, learn more about us, plan more about what we are doing.  So celebrate sleeping knowing you are busy in the planning of your own journey and knowing that sometimes your inspiration of your thoughts and what you want to do or accomplish is working hand in hand with the higher aspect of yourself, beyond the human body.   Love the skin you are in!! ♥