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Jacqueline's Blog - Vibrational Musings of a Tuning Fork

Ever wondered why when you listen to music, it can resonate at a soul level, it vibrates through you at both a physical and an emotional level from your core energy vibration.    We are in fact, walking moving, living tuning forks.   Have you not wondered why some people "resonate" with you and others do not, this is simply the reason why.  This is also why when someone shares something with you, knowledge, laughter, emotion, that at times this can not resonate with you either and at other times you soooo get it!.

We are so unique, we move to our own vibrational hum, our own energy frequency functions at so many levels,  we ARE energy.  The energy of the physical, the emotional energy, intellect vibration and soul or core level vibration.  It makes us group into energy fields at times as well.  Which is why we can choose the friends that we choose.  We will not choose a person to be a close friend unless they resonate with us at many levels.

I can see a lot of people and they wonder why their relationships are not successful.  He/she may be vibrating at a lower or higher frequency and she/he may be expecting their partner to come up to their frequency level by dragging them kicking and screaming.   See when you are having a disagreement with someone and you are getting annoyed with their lack of understanding at your point of view, your colours change and so does your frequency, the more you get annoyed, the more intensely your colours flare and your vibrational pitch changes.  The person you are trying to get to understand you doesn't change themselves at all.  So the vibrations cannot meet simply because by now the vibrations are at other ends of the spectrum.   At some point you become sooo annoyed you simply have to stomp off in another direction until you calm down.   The problem is that because you are a vibration tool, there is an embedded memory of that non-resonating conflict and what can happen is as soon as you start to disagree again, the same vibrational frequencies are carried out.  It means you will argue over the same things time and time again and with exactly the same results every time.   This causes relationships to fail as the "human" tuning forks become completely out of vibrational whack.

Therefore old hurts and misunderstandings pile up at the emotional vibrational level and we can play out these vibrational scenarios again and again at many different levels.  Annoying isn't it.     Most of the damage we do to our bodies and our minds and emotions are due to vibrational issues.   If you look at all things has a resonating energy at some level, food has an energy, money has an energy,  partners, siblings all have their own energies.  How we resonate with these depends on dependency on these things, how much we want these things in our lives and how we expect others to change to us or us to change to them.   This is not the right way to vibrate.

Take me, I'm not perfect at all, I love food.  It loves me back, mostly my butt and my stomach, my thighs... sighs well you get it!.  However, it directly resonates with my vibrational need association of comfort.  I associate food energy with comfort energy and it fits that vibrational energy very nicely.   The need for me to change how my comfort and security vibration, by lifting it will mean that  comfort food will not resonate as much.  Interesting, it's the same way I feel about exercising... if you could hear a pooooooooooooooooooooooofph vibration, that would be me vibrating against exercising.  Now because I have set that up, it is ME that needs to change that exercise vibration so it resonates more fully to my motivation.

Sound familiar and tedious?  Yep what a dismal vibration.   You can change your own vibration.  How you do this is find things that resonate fully with you at a motivation and inspirational level and pull that energy vibration around you all the time.  It will make you truly feel different about your life as well.  Haven't got any motivational energy?   Well change that too.  Go put on your music that you love.  The one that makes you feel fantastic and you become in your mind's eye, that girl (for us oldies) out of Flashdance, where anything can happen.   Stuff on the Glee soundtrack, Lady Gaga, Madonna, whatever really floats your boat and boogie.   Don't worry about the neighbours, they need to change their energy too.     Dance madly, strangely, badly until you laugh.   Congratulations your vibrational energy just went up a level.

So stop over thinking your thoughts, that vibration is too heavy as well, and get in tune people.   Vibrate at your best level as much as you can and wait and see the world change around you.  When you vibrate powerfully in your acceptance of you, you shine beautifully, you hum at a level that attracts people who are like-minded around you and you are happier in your own skin.  Take the time to find your vibration weak points and work on them, you created your vibration, you can change it.  Give it a go!