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Jacqueline's Blog - Things that make you go cringe.....

There seems to be a misconception out there... It's been popping up over the last couple of weeks like mad.  Making me incredibly aware that we are due for changes at a spiritual level, but the need to understand that finding the balance between a spiritual and a physical journey is a constant balancing act.  There is no right or wrong but just a balancing act.

The first thing I want to make perfectly clear for those who are interested, EVERYBODY HAS A GIFT.   It can be an enhanced intuition, knowing in an instant that the person over there WILL behave like a plonker.   I call this the fine art of "Thin Slicing", the ability to in an instant recognise a good person, unhappy person, disloyal person in the blink of an eye.  A lot of people have this and this is like the very tip of the intuitive ice berg if you like.

Another Gift?  A sense of humour, in a world that can be so heavy, these people come like a breath of fresh air, make you laugh, open your chakras and teach you to see the lighter side of life.  What a cool gift!  Make sure to enjoy them.  There is a multitude of gifts, presented in different ways for each person is unique, special, amazing and yes GIFTED!

Another Gift?  Empaths, or Carer souls, these are the people we love to cry on, they are infinitely loveable with their love of people, taking care of others problems and being genuinely concerned about anyone and everyone.  Cry at the drop of a hat!  Sad movies?  Look out!  Without these amazing special people, the earth plane would be a much more dismal place.

Another Gift?  The practical rock people, these people so organised, so down to earth.  Frustrate the heck out of you with their planning and organisation.  List people, sooo much yellow around their heads, logical and problem solving.  Without them?  Wouldn't get a darn thing done.  These are the accomplishers that drag others kicking and screaming to successes.   Amazing people, we are blessed to have them.

Another Gift?  Being a plonker!  These people teach us so much!  About what we don't want to do, about how we want to treat others and be treated ourselves, make us stand up for ourselves.  These people are infinitely necessary for our growth.  There is no such thing as a world without challenges, these ones get us to see things from a different perspective.  Irritating?  Hell yes, but necessary.

So you see when people come and want to be "spiritual" and say the most ridiculous things.  It makes me cringe.  You are already GIFTED in so many ways, you need to appreciate you for all of your gifts.  The simple fact is that the more you accept who you are the more spiritual you become.  You don't need a diploma, approval of what you do from others, you HAVE to be okay with you.  The recognition of the Gift of you.

So things that make you go cringe?

  1.  I wish I was like you....  Oh my word, slap yourself, DON'T compare, you are amazing, gifted, special and best of all?  You chose to come here, be a part of someone's world, to grow you and be all you can be.  Don't wish away you, you are in the body you are in for the journey. Want to develop you for you? Go for it!  Make the most of it! 
  2. I am Spiritual!  That's nice.... at some point so are most of the population....  Yelling it doesn't give you a medal, what it does do is make people wonder why you need to state it at the top of your lungs.  Do you need that much approval?  Are you that insecure?  Look, you don't need to use it like a banner.  Just be you, accept you are a spiritual being on the human journey and Oh look, whee so are the rest of us...  
  3. I am going to be better than you  This one makes my hair curl even more and the Guides sigh like crazy.  The underlying question is WHY would you say this?   I admire a person with a goal I really do and it'sfantastic to have a benchmark and what a lovely compliment to the person you said it to.  That you perceive that you have to compete with them is truly sad.  When you shine in your absolute truth and who you are you reach the understanding that people are sent to you for you, nothing more, nothing less.  Spirit sends who we need, reputation is lovely.  But earn it by being YOU and show people how special you are, then you get what you need and deserve.
  4. I don't agree with that at all!  Good for you, it's of tremendous value to have your own opinion and that's great.   When you don't screech it at people, then it opens a discussion point and as Tobias says a flowing stream mind brings knowledge in a clear flow to be shared with others.  Okay it might not resonate, but take the time to listen and you may learn something.  When we close our minds down to everything but our own beliefs how can we see the rounder picture?
  5. I've heard you are good, but we will see.  Okay another what's with that comment.  No one HAS to prove anything to anyone.  This is your choice.  Personally I love these people, I love a challenge.   There is nothing wrong with saying you are good and being okay with that in your own being.  Do not allow others to deflate you, honestly they go to the loo in the same place as you too,  view them differently and decide how you deal with them.  You do not ever the Guides say have to PROVE yourself, just be you, it changes the whole pressure scenario.
  6. Oh I am VERY Gifted... Hmm try taking an Ego pill.  In fact, here have the whole bottle possum.  Everyone is very gifted, so people have just not learnt how truly wonderful they are. People are fragile when they are developing, they doubt and they worry.  To state this in front of others is not fair, you are NO better than another, you do not need to lord it over everyone else.   Ego is a very human emotion, we need it in small doses so we will feel good about ourselves but not at the cost of another's feelings.   Appreciate all the work you have put into self and then help others to learn.  There is NO halo in this job, it's work in progress, help others out too.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is to just be you, when you are truly you and LIKE you.  That is a fundamental step in your spiritual growth.   There is different levels in spiritual learning, and physical learning.  Keep the balances to keep you sane and understand that we are all in this together, no better, no worse, just here for the journey.   When someone says something that makes you cringe, be polite, help them understand that there is no need for them to seek approval.    In this way, they learn and you learn you have the courage to be you.  Have a think about it.