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Jacqueline's Blog - The Truth in the Mirror: (an excerpt from the book)

Hmmm... when I work with the Guides,  I ask questions however, many of the answers already lie within, and the Guides gently steer me back to my own understanding.  Most of us do have those answers, we just at times complicate our lives by trying to seek the answers from external sources, which in turn further complicates.

You know I love stories and the stories weave around me at times from the Guides, full of understanding and learning.  I am honoured always to share them or parts of them with you.

The Truth in the Mirror: (an excerpt from the book)

The house was finally silent, the old woman had breathed her last breath. The house gently and quietly, mourned her passing. In the morning light, she would be discovered and another lonely old lady would be given her last rites and her mortal remains be dealt with.  In the attic, a Mirror gleamed sadly, covered with dust and half concealed by the dust cloth that had fallen free from an edge a decade ago.

She was driving past when she saw the sign, large on the side of the road "Estate Sale.  Everything MUST go".   Always an avid bargain hunter, to her husbands disgust, she parked the car, grabbed her purse and hurried over.   She hummed with excitement, regardless of what her husband thought, she loved old things and she just knew in her heart, she would find a bargain on this day.

The Mirror had been cleaned and the ornate frame gleamed in the morning light.  She drew in her breath in delight.  It was perfect, just perfect!  She glanced for a price on it, nothing.   She looked around the back and there was a small square of yellowed paper adhered to the back of the Mirror.  Aha!  She leaned closer but the tightly written words were not a price after all, they simply read "For the real you to be revealed, first you must see what you have concealed".     She frowned, how peculiar but still no price.   Clutching the beautiful ornate Mirror, she tracked down a very flustered man who seemed to be directing people left, right and centre.  "How much?" she burst out, to catch his attention.

He turned frowning and immediately cleared his face at the thought of a sale.  "What is it?"   She showed him the Mirror and he screwed up his face in distaste.  He looked at her cunningly "$150" he said.  She delicately arched an eyebrow and pointed at the sign. "Estate Sale. Everything MUST go" ,  "You know as well as I do, that it won't go for $150.00" she stated quietly.  He glared her for a moment and someone called his name, he turned and turned back.  "Fine!" he snapped "$50 and it's yours".    She smiled inside and kept her face as bland as possible.  Still clutching the Mirror she reached in her purse and handed over a $50 note, grocery money but never mind.  He looked at her strangely for a moment, before taking the money. "Hope you know what you've brought" he said cryptically as he turned away.

She hurried over to her car before he could say anything else.   She touched the frame caressingly, it was beautiful and she couldn't wait to get it home as she had the perfect place she wanted to hang it.   She placed the Mirror on the back seat of the car and placed the car blanket around it for protection.  She climbed into the driver's seat and humming, proceeded home.

The phone was ringing as she hurried through the front door and she glanced at the wall clock.  "Bother!"  The time read mid day and her husband would be ringing as he always did promptly every day to advise her of what he thought she should be doing in the afternoon.   The last ring faded and she cringed at the lecture she would receive that night for not being there to answer the phone.  Then she looked at the Mirror and promptly went to get the cleaning liquid to tidy up the frame to her liking as there was residual dust in the edges and she wanted it just perfect on the wall.

The Mirror gleamed gently on the counter, catching the light it seemed from all of the kitchen in its gaze.  She frowned lightly as she remembered the small papered message, yellowed with time, glued on the back.  She turned the Mirror over again to look at the tightly written inscription. "For the real you to be revealed, first you must see what you have concealed".  She ran a finger over the small papered square thoughtfully and wondered what it truly meant.    She shook herself lightly and humming turned the Mirror over and applied herself to the task of making what she perceived as a beautiful Mirror just stunning.

At last the Mirror frame and glass gleamed immaculately from her hard work and she hurried to the immaculately presented garage for a hammer and a picture hook to hang the Mirror in the hallway.     In a short 10 minutes the Mirror was perfectly placed on the wall.   She stepped back and surveyed it from a distance.  Perfect, JUST PERFECT.   Finally, with it presented on the wall the way she wanted, she looked for the very first time into the Mirror and drew her breath in, startled.

For the reflection that looked back at her was a sad, melancholy version of herself.  Tears lingered in the edges of her eyes, her eyes darkened with pain and fine lines all around her mouth and eyes.   She reached a hand to smooth her hair and the sad mirror image did exactly the same.     When had she become so sad-looking, when had she become so lonely and unloved looking.  She leaned in closer to her reflection and the beautiful but sad eyes surveyed her closely from the Mirror.   She stepped back, looked away and looked again.  The reflection had not changed.   Thoughtfully she moved away from the Mirror and went down the hallway and into the bathroom.   She stood and looked into the bathroom Mirror.   There reflected back was herself, hair immaculately in place the way her husband liked.  Lips lightly pinked, eyes immaculately made up as her husband also liked, not too much, not too tarty as he said.  In this mirror she looked like her, not the unhappy, lonely, unloved woman reflected in the new Mirror.  How strange, it must have been just I was tired from the work of cleaning the Mirror she thought.  She frowned lightly and the image in the bathroom mirror frowned lightly back.   She laughed and smoothed the frown lines away, her eyes twinkled back at her.    She shook herself, imagination she thought.

However, she avoided the new Mirror until her husband came in the door, promptly as he would want at 6pm that night.  She waited nervously as the front door slammed shut and she heard his muttering in the front foyer.  Worried he would see the Mirror and snap at her, she hurried from the kitchen to the front foyer.   He turned with his usual frown in place, thrust his coat at her and snapped "Where were you?  I rang! at 12 noon as I normally do!".    She dropped her eyes from his heavy frown and his snappish tone.   "I was travelling home from the groceries and there was an Estate Sale, I stopped to look".   He frowned heavily at her "I hope you haven't brought some rubbish" he warned.   She smiled as warmly as she could at him.  "No, I brought something just perfect!" she smiled at him.    He frowned deeper and said "Really?" sarcastically.

She gestured to the beautiful ornate Mirror hanging in the hallway and he turned and glared at her "You hung it UP?  Without checking with me where it should go?"  She hurriedly explained under his glare that she had found the stud in the wall and used a proper picture hanger.   Glaring at her briefly he stamped over and stood in front of the Mirror.   Reflected back at him was an identical image of himself, however, the reflection took years off the man in front of the Mirror.  His eyes smiled with ready laughter, the permanent lines between his eyes were smoothed, his over flushed, angry at the world expression, no longer on his face in the image reflected back.   Her husband preened in the Mirror.   Behind him her reflection looked beaten and betrayed, the tears glistening.  She drew and held her breath that he would notice but he was too smitten at his own reflection.

"Well" he said as he leaned closer into the Mirror.   "I look great! as usual.   I think it's a perfect Mirror!"  Then as if realising he may have been too complimentary and he didn't want it to go to her head, he snapped.  "Where is dinner? We have delayed in the front foyer long enough.  I want my dinner" and with that he stamped down the hallway towards the kitchen table.   She stared after him in momentary disbelief, clutching his coat.   Words echoed across her mind like a whisper, ageless, timeless, "For the real you to be revealed, first you must see what you have concealed".

An excerpt from the Book The Truth in the Mirror, by Jacqueline Mitchell.